Juju's Dolly Mall


The Shopping Mall for All Size Dolls!


Hello and Welcome to Juju's Dolly Mall!


This Mall Entrance is your doorway to four fabulous stores for dolls of all sizes located in the New "Doll Page Seller's Marketplace".  This great new site for dolly lovers, both buyers and sellers, was designed by the owner of  "The Doll Page".  At The Doll Page Seller's Marketplace, you will find nearly 200 stores for all of your dolly needs.  The site is open to dolly lovers who want to open stores or just want to shop.  There are no listing or final value fees there so sellers can offer lower prices to customers with great service from the site owner and low monthly store subscription fees. 

Prices at my Marketplace store are discounted 10% over ebay prices since I do not have listing or selling fees there!  Shopping there is TOTALLY SECURE.. just add items to your cart, submit, and I will receive an email with your items listed and your may pay by money order or I can bill you directly through paypal, eliminating the need for you to ever enter any passwords through outside links.  Shop any or all of my 4 Marketplace stores and pay for combined purchases with only 1 payment! You may go directly to your paypal and find your bill to pay for your items!   I also have a store on ebay and you can find the link to it at the bottom of this page.

I specialize in Quality Dolly Shoes ... many custom made for specific dolls.  I also carry sturdy Kaiser stands for all size dolls.  In addition, you will find a specialty store for your Dolly Wig needs.

Check out my stores listed below and let me know if there is anything I can help you with.  I accept paypal or USPS money orders.  Just add items to your cart and submit your order and I will contact you with your total... of course with low combined shipping.  You may shop all three of my stores, submit your order for each.. and pay with one payment.. and of course, combined shipping on all purchases!

Customer Service and Complete Customer Satisfaction are my #1 Priorities!  Please contact me at the following email address if you have any questions..

Dolly Hugs, Judy    customstitches@msn.com


Jujus Big Girls Dolly Discount Shoppe

Over 200 Items! Pre-discounted Prices Specializing in Shoes and Stands for Magic Attic Size dolls to Large Himstedt Dolls.

Click on this link to start shopping!


Jujus Little Folks Dolly Discount Shoppe

400+ items! Pre-discounted Prices, Specializing in Shoes & Stands for The Tiny Fairy dolls to the Kish Seasons & BJD Size Dolls.

Click on this link to start shopping!


Jujus Dolly Wig Outlet Shoppe















Coming Soon! Doll Wigs for all size dolls. Synthetics, Human Hair and Mohair At Super Low Below Wholesale Prices.

Click on this link to start shopping!


Prefer to shop on ebay... check out my store "Tiny Custom Stitches and More" for the same great items. http://stores.ebay.com/TinyCustomStitchesandMore

Note.. Remember.. Prices are 10% less at my Marketplace stores since I do not have listing or selling fees there!

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